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Q 1. Let’s start easy peasy lemon squeezy. First up, what do you call these sweet little guys?

Belly beans
Jelly beans
Jiggly puffs
Jelly tots

Q 2. For a true sweet tooth, maple syrup means LIFE. But where do we usually get it from?

A bush
A goose
A bee
A tree

Q 3. OK, sweet tooth’s. We know this is a lot of sweet stimulation but don’t lose your cool. Finish this phrase: “Skittles, taste the ______.”


Q 4. A real sweet tooth knows that the only PROPER way to enjoy these guys is battered and deep fried. In what country was the battered Mars bar invented?


Q 5. Cotton candy is like kryptonite for the sweet tooth human. Which of these statements is untrue about cotton candy?

There is a Chinese variety called ‘dragon’s beard’
It is called ‘fairy floss’ in Australia
It is called ‘sweety floss’ in the UK
It was invented by a dentist

Q 6. These sweet little babies are coming to get you! What name have these little guys NOT gone by?

Peace babies
Juice babies
Unclaimed babies
Jelly babies

Q 7. These guys are super popular all over the world, but especially in Japan. Which of these is not a Kit Kat variety there?

Cough drop
Muscat of Alexandria
Melon and cheddar
Caramel macchiato Mcflurry

Q 8. You’ll no doubt know that this is the most popular cookie in the world, but what is the ratio between cookie and cream?


Q 9. When sweet tooth’s aren’t eating candy, they’re dreaming up IMAGINARY candy. Which one of these fantastical candies doesn’t appear in the iconic book ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’?

Mint Jububes for the Boy Next Door
Everlasting Gobstoppers
Lickable Wallpaper for Nurseries
Eatable Marshmallow Cushions

Q 10. Speaking of magical candy, these exotic sweets played an important part in a popular children’s fantasy series. Do you know which it was?

His Dark Materials
Harry Potter
The Chronicles of Narnia
Alice in Wonderland

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