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Q 1. Are you ready to become a master of FIFA 19? First up: Which of these is NOT a UEFA competition that FIFA 19 is proud to feature for the first time in the series’ career?

CAF Champions League
Europa League
Champions League
Super Cupm

Q 2. Who is the cover star of FIFA 19?

Cristiano Ronaldo
Ricardo Quaresma
Paul Pogba
Lionel Messi

Q 3. Why did the cover art for FIFA 19 have to be changed close the game’s release date?

The cover star opted out
The cover star changed teams
There was a licensing issue
EA didn’t like the colours

Q 4. FIFA 19 is the second game in the franchise to be released on which of these consoles?

Xbox One
Nintendo Switch
PlayStation 4
PlayStation 3

Q 5. Which engine powers FIFA 19?

Unreal Engine
Frostbite Engine
Unity Engine

Q 6. Which of these 3 are the names for the protagonists in the Journey mode in FIFA 19?

Alan Hunter, Kim Hunter, Daniel Williams
Adam Hunter, Kelly Hunter, David Williams
John Hunter, Kimmy Hunter, Zelda Williams
Alex Hunter, Kim Hunter, Danny Williams

Q 7. This stadium is featured in FIFA 19, but which one is it?

Orange Vélodrome
Stadio Olimpico
Donbass Arena

Q 8. Who is the odd player out in this collection:

Sergej Milinković-Savić
Arturo Vidal
Virgil van Dijk

Q 9. Which FIFA 19 wonderkid is featured in this image?

Ryan Sessegnon
Callum James Hudson-Odoi
Dayot Upamecano
Abdoulaye Dabo

Q 10. How many 5-star skillers do FIFA 17, FIFA 18 & FIFA 19 boast respectively?

50, 46, 43
50, 44, 42
54, 48, 46
52, 44, 43

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  1. Question 7 different:

    7-The music of the Champions League was again composed for FIFA 19. Who composed this new version?

    a)Alexandre Desplate b)Thomas Newman
    c)Hans Zinner d)Howard Shore

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