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Monday, 31 December 2018

Can’t get to Answer?

Some of you guys are probably wondering why the hell does the site take you to a site with bitcoin information when you click on the answer button. This post will clear things out for you.

This is because of a ad service named clicksfly. When you are redirected to that page you have to solve the captcha and click on "Click here to continue" to go to the 2nd ad page. After waiting 8 second on the 2nd page click on "Get Link" and you will be redirected to answer.

Now the question why will I add this kind of ad? (I know it's annoying for you guys.) I am planning to switch to wordpress for better service. This means you will get lots of new feature and my work on making new quiz will be a lot of easier. As for wordpress I have to pay for hosting thus the ads. So please guys bear with me and help me reach my goal to switch to wordpress. After hosting price is covered I will scale down the ads.

If you can't get past the clicksfly ad heres a picture tutorial

BTW when making this post I still didn't get any complain for using this service. This shows how understanding you guys are. Thank you so much for the support. I will keep working to give you guys better service.


  1. i do understand your points here and i do appreciate your services for us but yet i wish that you would be really honest about what you said and really scale down the ads after reaching your goals as i know everyone says these kind of things then when ppl calms down and sort of forget about the issue you guys ( sites owners ) just decide to keep stuff the same and later come up with more ads stuff and give another excuse and so on ..
    another issue is about the pop up ads that jumps when you open any page in the site while not having your ads blocker on .. these pages coming up some times with porn or dating sites with some naked ladies, i was the other day in a public library and decided to do a quiz so i visited your site to get answers and while navigating through search and since the library computers doesnt have ad blocker some pop up page jumped with a naked lady on it and some kids was around me and maybe saw that and thought really nasty about me like really can you at least think about us using your site in a public place and thus maybe use a cleaner sites as an ad provider ?

    1. I know bro. I will really lower them. As things stand now its too much for users. I don't know if you were with me before but I added clicksfly ad before also. At that time I needed the money for domain name. And I did remove the ads after 7-8 days. (Domain names are quite cheap) I will really scale down ads after I reach the goal. Hosting costs quite a lot so probabbly it will take half of the next month (December) or maybe take the December month fully. But I can assure you, you will find this site in new state after the coming new year.

      As for the adult ads, I am contacting my ad manager. 🤬 I never agreed to this. They will have to give me a proper response and remove those ads or I am done with them.

    2. Update: About the adult ads you mentioned, I contacted my ad manager. He did say they have filtered out those kind of ads for site as per my request. But who knows ads are different for each country. Could you inform me again if you get those kind of ads again from my site.

    3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    4. WTF. I never thought it was this bad. I thought they would top most show some half naked women to lure you to something. And I was trying to get rid of them still. What you gave a screenshot its impossible to let go. I am going to take steps. Will give you update on the matter.

      BTW I would have to delete your comment as you know why.... 😵

  2. I found a new quiz