What Type of Parent Will You Be?

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Q 1. You’ve taken a picture of your kid eating an ice-cream. What do you do?

Send it to absolutely everyone you know and add to your Instagram story immediately
Get the picture developed and frame it
Try to upload it to ‘the social media’
Only show it to your mom

Q 2. Pick an activity for your kid’s 14th birthday party:

You take them and their friends to a karaoke bar and put on a performance
Give them some money so they can go out for dinner with their friends
Throw them a ‘Prince and Princess’ themed surprise party
They’re old enough to sort themselves out. Don’t get involved.

Q 3. What’s your ideal kind of evening?

Adventure Fun House for Laser Quest
Nice dinner with your partner
Quiet night in with a movie
Late night party with friends

Q 4. How would your friends best describe you?


Q 5. Which fictitious family do you most relate to?

The Addams Family
The Brady Bunch
The Incredibles
The Simpsons

Q 6. Pick a movie:

Home Alone
The Royal Tenenbaums
James Bond
Cheaper by the Dozen

Q 7. What would you like your kids to do when they move out?

Travel the world and discover themselves
Get a good job and settle down
Move out? They’re never moving out!
Follow their dreams!

Q 8. Your teenage son or daughter asks if they can go to a friend’s party on a school night. What do you do?

Let them go, but pick them up at 10pm
Ring the other parents to see what their decision is first
Absolutely not. It’s a school night!
That’s fine, as long as you can go with them

Q 9. How much spare time do you dedicate to seeing your friends?

Every spare second
At least once a week for dinner
I’m independent and only see them if it suits me

Q 10. Your kid loses an important school tennis match. You…?

Point out what they did wrong and force them to practice harder
Scream at the umpire
Tell them it’s ok and buy them ice cream
Didn’t go and watch so you don’t know

Q 11. Your kid has a tantrum in the middle of the supermarket. You…?

Punish them right there and then
Take them outside and calm them down
Bribe them with sweets to calm them down
Ignore them and keep shopping

Q 12. What is the best form of punishment?

I don’t believe in punishment
A nice long lecture
Emotional blackmail with the silent treatment

Q 13. Which of these do you put the most time into?


Q 14. You’re spending the day with your child. Which of these activities appeals the most?

Theme park
Whatever they want to do I’ll go along with
Walk in the park
Going to watch a movie

Q 15. Would you say that you are easily stressed out?

Not at all
A little bit

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