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Q 1. Welcome to the Wheel of Reward! Surely you’ve played something like this before, or maybe you haven’t! It’s simple enough.



Q 2. 
You will be presented with a board with missing letters. All you have to do is fill in the missing letters. 


Q 3. 
You might also notice some funny characters and pictures around the board. They’re clues and they are there to help you work out the missing letters!


Q 4. 
The game will increase in difficulty as you go along – but don’t worry we promise it won’t stop being fun! 


Q 5. 
Are you ready to embark on the wheel of reward! I hear you say YES. Then click next and let’s see what the first word is! 



Q 6. 
Look at this cute little one! She sure is a…what? 


Sleepy Kitty 
Sleepy Kid
Sleepy Kitten 
Sleepy Kiddy

Q 7. 
This fella isn’t as sleepy as our kitty, what is he? 

Bald Eegle 
Baad Eel
Bald Bird 
Bald Eagle

Q 8. 
This is one famous frog, but how do you write his name? 


Kermet the Frog 
Kermit the Frog
Kermit the Knob 
Kermite the Frog

Q 9. 
This kind of dog is the star of an animated Disney film. What’s its name?


110 Dalmatians 
111 Dalmations
101 Dalmations 
101 Dalmatians

Q 10. 
This big guy is found in two parts of the world. Fill in the gaps to uncover the answer!

Afreca And India 
Africa And India
Africa Adn India 
Africa And Indea

Q 11. Which of these options fits the image perfectly? 


Dance Wills Me 
Dance With Me
Dawns With Me 
Dance Witch Me

Q 12. 
The finest in the world: Which of these options fits the image perfectly?

French Restarant 
Franch Restaurent
French Restaurant 
French Restaurent

Q 13. 
Which of these options fits the image perfectly? 

Autumn Brazen 
Autumn Brazier
Autumn Breeze 
August Breeze

Q 14. 
A masterpiece: Which of these options fits the image perfectly?

Breakback Mountain 
Brokeslack Mountain
Brokeback Mountain 
Brokeback Mentoring

Q 15. 
Everyone loves it: Which of these options fits the image perfectly?


Sumer Rainbow 
Summer Rainbrow
Summer Rainbow 
Summer Reanbow

Q 16. 
When one small change creates a knock-on effect that could alter everything, this yellow fella comes in to play. What’s the chaos theory in question known as?


The Buterfly Effect 
The Butterfly Affect
The Butterfly Effect 
The Butterfly Efect

Q 17. 
This beauty has starred in her own animated feature film. What was it called?

The Swan Priceless 
The Swan Princess
The Swan Prinsess 
The Swan Princes

Q 18. 
Now, let’s get a little more general with these tests: When it heats up in summer, certain areas can be plagued by a…what? 


Forest Fire 
August Fire
Sexist Fire 
Robust Fire

Q 19. 
A popular Japanese anime film features a young girl who starts off on a quest to save her parents in a magical land. What’s it called?


Spirited Awry 
Squirtle Alay
Spireted Away 
Spirited Away

Q 20. 
If the middle word is used to describe the word ‘sushi’ and the last word is something you live in, can you unscramble the final letters and complete the sentence?

The eseJaapa useHu 
The ssseeJapa eosHo
The nJpaasee oesuH 
The apneeseJ oHusee

Q 21. Fill in the gaps and you’ll uncover a very rare kind of big cat, one with beautiful stripes and powerful paws. 


hiteW grTe 
hteWi gTrie
dilW igTre 
teWh rTgei

Q 22. 
In the film Blade Runner, a character mutters a famous line about tears. Fill in the gaps to find it. 

Tears In The Rane 
Tears In The Rain
Tears In The Rein 
Teers In The Rain

Q 23. 
Which of these options fits the image perfectly? 

Irish Danger 
Iresh Dancer
Irish Dancer 
Irish Dancar

Q 24. 
Let’s make things a bit tougher: Which of these jumbled options fits the image perfectly?

atTe yM aHdn 
LesTa My Hnda
keTa yM daHr 
Taek yM naHd

Q 25. 
Which of these options fits the image perfectly? 


Gdo Of rHa 
oGb fO aWr
oGd fO raSt 
doG fO arW

Q 26. 
Who’s this famous fella?


oanAyth pkHinso 
nThyano Ophnski
thnyAhto kipHose 
ntnhoAy psHkoni

Q 27. 
One of Amy Winehouse’s most famous songs talks about the difficulties in playing the game of love. Fill in the title below? 

veoL sI A iLsong mlaG 
Loev Is A igLsno eGma
eLvo Is A oskiLng Gmea 
veLo sI A yDing mGea

Q 28. 
A small flow of water could be referred to as a…what? 


tleLi vreRi 
tltLei vrRei
tleLite rRiev 
Lrttei Rligk

Q 29. 
While not the star of this film, this guy is certainly in the name! Can you pick the correct jumbled title below? 


ncesDa htWi selWove 
Dknesc hWit vesWol
nsecDa tWhi lseWov 
secDnas Whit Wvzelo

Q 30. 
They are the most abundant of the species on the planet, but what are these rhinos called?

etWih onsRierhco 
Wheti hcnRshioero
iWeht Rnoceroshin 
Wtehi hocnsRiers

Q 31. This cute little bear loves Baloo the Bear, but what’s the famous song he sings to Mowgli?


The reBa siteNcrissei 
heT eBra cetiieNss
hTe Baee Ncssiteissn 
eTh reaB Ncsssieteei

Q 32. 
Freddie Mercury sang about it and Dumbledore wields it – so the last word here must be…what?

Some Kiss Of caMjci 
Game Kills My gcigaM
Name Kills My cgiMa 
Some Kind Of cagiM

Q 33. 
Say it’s dark and you spot a friend, what might you say to them?

I Can Almost See You 
I Can Almost Sea You
I Can Barely See You 
I Can Almost See Yuo

Q 34. 
This is a famous novel/film: Which of these options fits the image perfectly?

hTe emRains Of eTh ysDa 
ehT emisaRn fO Teh ayD
eTh mAsnre Of eTh Dya 
The pairsRe fO The yaD

Q 35. 
This famous Tom Hanks movie has jumped city. Where is it set now?


eesslSplk nI eatSlle 
Spelesels In rliBen
lessSeple nI leBib 
leepssS In riBle

Q 36. 
A nameless stallion is a…what? 


A Hoarse With No Name 
A Horse With No Fame
A Horse With No Name 
A Horse With No Meme

Q 37. 
If the last word is someone who practices mysticism, what’s the sentence?

Unto the Mystec 
Into the Mystec
Into the Mystic 
Unto the Mistic

Q 38. 
Joni Mitchell wrote about a kind of car that would take her away. Can you find it below?


gBi lloYew xiTa 
Big lwYeo xTai
Bdh Yelwol xiaT 
ugB lowlYe Taix

Q 39. 
Bruce Springsteen enjoys dancing, but where does he really enjoy doing in?


cingDaa In heT Dkra 
Daniggn In The kraD
Bncinga nI heT Dakr 
cinDgan nI ehT raDk

Q 40. 
Our bear has returned for the final question! He’s trying to find the name of a documentary that told the story of a man who lived with grizzly bears. What was it called? 

zizGl naM 
yGzriz Man
zzylGir nMa 
Gzzly anM

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