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Q 1. Here’s an easy start: What’s the name of the common hostile mobs who approach players and explode?

Option:- Zombie Pigman Ghast Creeper Enderman

Q 2. There’s a lava-filled dimension in Minecraft that you can travel to via a portal. Do you remember its name?

Option:- The Nether Purgatory Hell The Abyss

Q 3. Which of the options below are the two default player skins in Minecraft?

Option:- Stan and Aubrey Steve and Alex Sterling and Alma Stewie and Abby

Q 4. How many times can you shoot a bow that is not enchanted?

Option:- 256 times 385 times An unlimited number of times 425 times

Q 5. One of these creations is a user-generated myth and has never actually been a part of Minecraft – which one is it?

Option:- Caerbannog Ghastsquasher Herobrine Slenderman

Q 6. In Minecraft: Java Edition, what is The Rabbit of Caerbannog a reference to?

Option:- Watership Down Space Jam Monty Python and the Holy Grail Raiders of the Lost Ark

Q 7. What did the creator of Minecraft originally call the game?

Option:- Blocks and Rocks Stonecrusher Minecraft: Order of the Stone Cave Game

Q 8. How can you open a chest that is beyond, but adjacent to the world border?

Option:- Summon an Enderman behind the border, he will pick up the chest and carry it over Put another chest next to it and create a double chest that can be opened Type the command “/open chest [pos]” You can’t open a chest behind the world border

Q 9. Mojang was once sued by a so-called patent troll for patent infringement. What was the patent number?

Option:- 8292744 6857067 5490216 7874921

Q 10. Which scholar linked Minecraft to anti-pictorial trends in modern art?

Option:- Jandy Gu Iris Rochelle Bull Nate Garrelts Michael St. Clair [adace-ad id=”22311″] [adace-ad id=”22312″]  

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