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Q 1. What was the original name of Roblox before the creators combined the words “Robot” and “Blocks”?


  • Dynablocks
  • Sandbox Adventure
  • CyberBrix
  • BlockyBot

Q 2. Roblox has its own currency – what’s its name?


  • Zigzags
  • Credix
  • Brickbills
  • Robux

Q 3. What is the name of the Roblox programming language?


  • Aloha
  • Hello
  • Logic
  • Lua

Q 4. In the game, there is a tool-dispensing, semi-transparent box! But do you know what it’s called?


  • Synthesizer
  • Item Donor
  • Giver
  • Tool Slot

Q 5. Do you know the title of the official series of Roblox tutorials on YouTube?


  • Roblox College
  • Roblox University
  • BlockLearn
  • Blocktorials
Roblox University

Q 6. Which of the things below is a real thing?


  • Outrageous Builders Club
  • Crazy Builders Club
  • Wild Builders Club
  • Ridiculous Builders Club
Outrageous Builders Club

Q 7. Can you unscramble these letters and figure out what the word means? ZSWAREAJ


  • The programming language
  • The beta version of Roblox
  • The name of a toy maker
  • An item of clothing that can be bought in Roblox
The name of a toy maker

Q 8. One of these items could be purchased for R$ 100 – which one?


  • Sparkle Time Classic Eggplant
  • Fruit hat
  • Sparkle Time Fedora
  • Sparkle Time Happy Time Magic Flower Hat
Fruit hat

Q 9. You’re programming an infinite loop. What must you include in your code to prevent crashes?


  • *wait* function
  • *delay* function
  • *downtime* function
  • *hiatus* function
*wait* function

Q 10. What constraint are welds subject to in Roblox programming?


  • Weld.Part0.CFrame * weld.C1 = weld.Part2.CFrame * weld.C3
  • Weld.Part0.CFrame * weld.C0 = weld.Part1.CFrame * weld.C1
  • Weld.Part1.CFrame * weld.C0 = weld.Part1. CFrame * weld.C2
  • Weld.Part0.CFrame * weld.C(x, y, z) = weld.Part1.CFrame * weld.C(-x, -y, -z)
Weld.Part0.CFrame * weld.C0 = weld.Part1.CFrame * weld.C1

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