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Q 1. Which of these games did Respawn make prior to the release of Apex Legends?

Option:- Beyond Good and Evil Shadow of the Colossus Anthem Titanfall

Q 2. Which of these characters was the first new hero introduced into Apex Legends in March of 2019?

Option:- Caustic Pathfinder Mirage Octane

Q 3. What do you jump out of at the beginning of a match in Apex Legends?

Option:- A dropship A helicopter A party bus A plane

Q 4. How many characters were there to chose from once Apex Legends launched in February of 2019?

Option:- 7 6 9 8

Q 5. Each match in Apex Legends consists of how many rounds?

Option:- 3 7 4 8

Q 6. One of the abilities listed below is NOT in Apex Legends. Which one is it?

Option:- Encore Insider Knowledge Earthshatter Nox Vision

Q 7. Which of these drop locations is likely to have better loot than the others?

Option:- Water Treatment Supply Ship Hydro Dam Thunderdrome

Q 8. How many Crafting Metals does The Plague Doctor skin for Bloodhound cost?

Option:- 400 800 1,200 1,000

Q 9. One character cannot use ziplines while their special ability is activated in Apex Legends, who is it?

Option:- Gibraltar Mirage Caustic Wraith

Q 10. How many players signed up to Apex Legends within its first week?

Option:- 28 million 23 million 20 million 25 million [adace-ad id=”22311″] [adace-ad id=”22312″]

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5 years ago

new apex quiz . apex legend spot the difference. please update

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