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Q 1. Which well-known pooch is this?

Option:- Beagle Greyhound Chihuahua Dachshund

Q 2. Can you identify this formal dog breed?

Option:- Poodle Great Dane Boxer Labrador Retriever

Q 3. How about this one?

Option:- Bull Terrier Rottweiler Pit Bull Boxer

Q 4. Which dog breed is hidden here?

Option:- Pomeranian Poodle Shiba Inu Chow Chow

Q 5. Can you identify this dog?

Option:- German Shepherd Doberman Rottweiler Rhodesian Ridgeback

Q 6. How about this lovable pup?

Option:- Pug Corgi Beagle Yorkshire Terrier

Q 7. Getting a bit trickier now… which dog breed is hidden here?

Option:- Siberian Husky Newfoundland German Shorthaired Pointer Australian Shepherd

Q 8. Which dog breed is this?

Option:- Afghan Hound Borzoi Airedale Terrier Bedlington Terrier

Q 9. And how about this one?

Option:- Italian Greyhound Ibizan Greyhound Saluki

Q 10. Which dog breed is this?

Option:- Shetland Sheepdog American Eskimo Dog Rough Collie Keeshond

Q 11. Do you recognize this breed?

Option:- Boston Terrier Samoyed American Cocker Spaniel Border Collie

Q 12. And what about this breed?

Option:- Labrador Mastiff Pit Bull Cane Corso

Q 13. Which dog breed is hidden here?

Option:- Mexican Hairless Dog Whippet Vizsla Staffordshire Terrier

Q 14. Can you identify this breed?

Option:- Belgian Shepherd Bohemian Shepherd German Shepherd Dutch Shepherd

Q 15. And finally, which dog breed is this?

Option:- Airedale Terrier Fox Terrier Miniature Schnauzer Scottish Terrier

Q 16. This guy comes from a very famous family! Do you know what breed he is?

Option:- Portuguese Water Dog Pomeranian Field Spaniel Welsh Springer Spaniel

Q 17. Can you recognize this giant hound?

Option:- Husky Alaskan Malamute Great Dane Samoyed

Q 18. This dog is a bundle of fur! Can you identify the breed?

Option:- Cesky Terrier Japanese Chin Boykin Spaniel Bichon Frise

Q 19. This is one of the strongest dogs in the world – can you identify the breed?

Option:- Bloodhound Giant Schnauzer Mastiff Newfoundland

Q 20. And finally, can you name the breed of this classy canine?

Option:- Sloughi Pharaoh Hound Shiba Inu Lhasa Apso [adace-ad id=”22311″] [adace-ad id=”22312″]

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MJ Cutsinger
MJ Cutsinger
3 years ago

Why does the “SEE ANSWERS” link take you to a totally irrelevant website. Answers are no where to be found.

3 years ago

coooooool 100% answers

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