Can’t Get To Answer

There are lots of people asking how to get past the ilinkshort link. So I am going to give you guys a full instruction here.

Step 1: Solve the Re-Captcha

Step 2: Now the Blue button titled “Click here to continue” will get activated. Click on it. It will send you to a new page.

Step 3: Wait until the timer reach 0.

Step 4: Now the Green button titled “Get Link” will get activated. Click on it. It will send you to the answer page.

I know this process is a hassle. Please bear it with us. This process enables us to earn a small revenue. Which helps us give time to solve new quizzes provided by you guys. Happy earning Guys.

Still can’t get past the clickfly page? Watch this video tutorial.


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    • Yes clicksfly do actually pay. I did get all my payments from them. But now they had to change their ad policy and now it’s not that good anymore.
      You could try the new website ilinkshort that I am using. They are still new but seems pretty trustworthy to me.

  1. Youtubers Knowledge Test
    Do you think your knowledge about YouTube culture is up to snuff?
    Complete the Entire 20 Question Quiz
    Do you think you could provide answers for this one?
    Thank you

  2. I wanna get the correct answers for The Clash Royale Quiz but i dont know how can’t find the answers on the bottom of this page!

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