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Q 1. Sam is too ________ to be deceived easily.

Option:- weak cunning strong modern

Q 2. A horse rider has to adjust the saddle and ________ before riding

Option:- rains mains reigns reins

Q 3. Please write to me ………. this address

Option:- at upon to in

Q 4. She ______ a brief appearance at the end of the function

Option:- put in put on put across put up

Q 5. A special program to raise the standards of living of a poor village has been ________ by the Government

Option:- proposed altered affixed prepared

Q 6. Since Sam’s father never approved of _________ Henry, the couple eloped to Paris where they lived happily after.

Option:- her to marry she to marry she marrying her marrying

Q 7. She’s not very good ______ repairing things

Option:- of in for at

Q 8. The economic __________ has affected our sales tremendously.

Option:- showdown slowdown crackdown touchdown

Q 9. The ________ study on transporting of shale oil from Texas through pipeline would be completed shortly

Option:- natural feasibility scientific historic

Q 10. Sue was not ………. by the criticism and paid no ……… even when her best friend ridiculed her.

Option:- troubled, mind deterred, heed bothered, attention threatened, warning

Q 11. Radium __________ rays that blind the eyes.

Option:- gives off gives up gives over gives away

Q 12. Women in developing countries experience a bout of poor health that __________ before they are born.

Option:- originates derives begins establishes

Q 13. The three brothers formed a little __________ within the family

Option:- coterie camp party band

Q 14. She heard the __________ of the hinges.

Option:- ratting creaking crashing rustling

Q 15. We must __________ help to the people hit by the cyclone

Option:- render contribute impart summon

Q 16. Mary _______, “A little over the top for a picnic, wouldn’t you say?”

Option:- complimented commended quipped discorded

Q 17. The Agriculture minister said he would provide interest __________ and other support to farmers.

Option:- subvention alliance disinclination repudiation

Q 18. In order to increase its revenue, the company decided to __________ the old policies,

Option:- tweak damage surrender dictate

Q 19. New Year’s resolutions typically include the __________ of alcohol

Option:- issuance exigency persuasion repudiation

Q 20. That author wrote with __________ about his experiences

Option:- consortium stupefaction candour mischief [adace-ad id=”22311″]     [adace-ad id=”22312″]

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