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Q 1. These green little sprouts are often grown in kids’ science experiments and make a great addition to an egg sandwich. Do you know what is this plant called?


  • Crass
  • Cross
  • Cruss
  • Cress

Q 2. Phileas Fogg is a name synonymous with world adventure! But was he a real chap or a fictional character?


  • Real
  • Partly based on real life
  • Fictional

Q 3. Chess is a game loved by all except the impatient. Which of these pieces only moves diagonally?


  • Knight
  • Castle
  • Bishop
  • Pawn

Q 4. Ayurveda is an ancient knowledge originating in India. According to Ayurveda, there are three body types. Which of these isn’t one of them?


  • Kapha
  • Pitta
  • Dosha
  • Vata

Q 5. One award winning British songstress released her sixth album in 2017. The title was a translation of the words “always woman”. Who was it?


  • Laura Marling
  • Patty Smith
  • Taylor Swift
  • Emmy The Great
Laura Marling

Q 6. Which city is located furthest from the equator?


  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D

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  1. The following answers have been changed.

    Number 2 has been changed. – The answer is He was born in Exeter, on the river Exe.
    Number 3 has been changed. – The answer is Castle.
    Number 5 has been slightly changed. – The answer is AARUL GARNLIM.
    Number 6 has been slightly changed. – The answer is B.

    Number 3 and possibly Number 6 may need to be reviewed because that’s the only answer that I’m not entirely sure.

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