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Christmas Find-a-Word Quiz, 5 Short Xmas Santa Quiz

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Q 1. Hey Christmas kids! Let’s start easy. Which of these classic Christmas items can you find in this festive find a word?





Q 2. This time, what’s missing from the find a word? Can you find which of these Christmas figures is missing from Christmas?





Q 3. We all know about Rudolph, but which of Santa’s other loyal reindeer is featured in the find a word?


_ _ _ _ _ R
_ O_ _ _

_ _ _ _ C _ _
V _ _ _ _

Q 4. This find a word is full of Christmas tree decorations! Can you find the one that is commonly used to top the tree?


_ _ _ R
T _ _ _ _ _

_ _ _ _ L
P_ _ _ _ _ _

Q 5. Christmas is celebrated around the world. We’ve hidden the name for ‘Christmas’ in many languages, but which of these is missing from the find a word?


‘Christmas’ in Finnish
‘Christmas’ in Norwegian

‘Christmas’ in Spanish
‘Christmas’ in German

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