Could You Survive A Zombie Apocalypse?

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Q 1. Who are seen as the best types of people to pair up with when a Zombie Apocalypse occurs?

Strong, smart and courageous people to help you get things done
Cranky and whiny people.
Cool and fun people to keep it real!
Super smart but physically weak people

Q 2. What would be the best supplies to gather during an apocalypse?

Bottled water and canned food
Fresh milk and vegetables

Q 3. If you’re in a group and one of the members wants to split up and go it alone, what should you do?

Decide you want to venture out alone too
Keep as many people together as you can and continue with your survival plan

Q 4. Surviving during a zombocalypse is also a mental challenge. What would you say is the best way of keeping yourself going?

Focus on something that you want to live for
Drink lots of alcohol

Q 5. When you reach a stronghold to make a solid base, what is the first thing you should do?

Block all possible entrances, then move to the highest floor.
Go out to search for even more ammunition and supplies.

Q 6. Imagine… ‘Zombies have found their way into your stronghold, you are fighting back but most of the group are lost.’ What should you do next?

Charge toward the Zombie swarm with a grenade, killing yourself, so the other survivors can all escape.
Escape with the remaining survivors and run for higher ground.

Q 7. What level of fitness is seen as ideal for escaping the hordes of Zombies?

Couch Potato
Working out several times per week, preferably with cardio and strength training.

Q 8. Are survival skills seen as necessary to stay alive and escape zombies?

YES! It’s an apocalypse, not a fun run!
Kind of?

Q 9. Once you’ve built your base, what’s the best way to fortify the windows and doors from Zombies?

Pile up lumber, furniture and large objects
Hope that Zombies are not smart after all!

Q 10. Is firearms training seen as useful during an apocalypse?

YES! You may have to fend off Zombie attackers as well as human attackers
What’s a firearm…?

Q 11. Zombies have bitten your mother on the back and she is starting to grow weaker with only a few days to live, what should you do?

Shoot her in the head because she has now become dangerous to you and the group.
Keep an eye on her but don’t tell anybody else

Q 12. In the face of a Zombocalypse, should you trust the government?

Let the military forces have their way because they have lots of deadly weapons
Trust yourself and other like-minded survivors first!

Q 13. What is considered as the survival ‘Rule of Three’?

You cannot survive longer than 3 weeks with no food, 3 days with no water, or 3 hours with no shelter.
Sugar keeps you going, eat candy 3 times a day

Q 14. What should you do if you happen to hear reports that there are walking corpses near your area?

Get prepared by gathering weapons, finding friends and setting up defences
Ignore the reports!

Q 15. Many Zombie senses are impaired due to brain damage. What poor zombie sense can give you a particular advantage when you’re trying to escape them?

Poor eyesight
A strong dislike of rock music

Q 16. Which of the following people would be the most beneficial to your Zombie-fighting crew?

A nurse
A vet

Q 17. Whilst out travelling, what is best to do if you see a group of Zombies fighting?

Stop, kill the Zombies and bring people with you.
You kill both the people and the zombies

Q 18. f you had to fight off a group of zombies close to you, what would be the best weapon to use?

A machete
A baseball bat

Q 19. What’s seen as the best way to distract Zombies if they are bearing down on your group?

Yell rude things at them
Shoot off fireworks

Q 20. If Zombies are nearby and you’re without a weapon, what would be your best option?

Stay quiet and hide and count on something else to distract the zombies
Crawl away quietly

Q 21. If you were to become surrounded by Zombies and you didn’t have a weapon, what should you do?

Act like a Zombie and stagger around moaning and drooling

Q 22. What is the best choice for an apocalypse vehicle?

A sports car so you can outrun the Zombies
A truck so that you can carry supplies, weapons and other survivors if need be.
Nothing, zombies are attracted to vehicles
A Helicopter

Q 23. What are the two traditional ways to free a zombie from it’s netherworld existence?

Feed it salt or take it to the ocean
Feed it fruit and water

Q 24. In the first few hours of an apocalypse, after survival, what is the most important thing to keep in mind?

Kill as many zombies as possible whilst traveling to your destination
Make sure that you live it up because the end is nigh!

Q 25. Which of the following is seen as the best weapon to use against Zombies?

A rifle because you can aim right between their eyes.
A shotgun so you can blast the lot of them at once.

Q 26. During an apocalypse, what are the four states in which humans can still exist?

Human, infected, Zombie
or slain ZombieUnaware, uneasy, terrified
or frozen with fearHuman, Zombie, Super Zombie
or Mega ZombieFish, Cat, Human, Zombie

Q 27. What are the two types of Zombies that you should look out for?

Slow and fast
Hungry and satiated

Q 28. What is the worst thing you can do if a horde is approaching?

Try to reason with them
Shoot them with a crossbow

Q 29. What type of area is best to live in if you really want to survive?

Small or medium-sized town
Isolated rural location

Q 30. What is the best choice for a defensive base?

Your home
A supermarket

Q 31. Which item is most important in your Bug-Out Bag?

A non-gun weapon
Water bottle, prefilled with clean water
A fire-starter
All of the above



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