Vegan Food Quiz

Quiz Answers Are Given Below The Post :-

Q 1. OK meat-free minions, let’s get started. First up is an easy one. Would you consider this meal vegan?

Options :-
Of course not!
Yes, cheese can be eaten on a vegan diet.
Yes it’s vegan.
Yes, it’s apricot right?

Q 2. Hmm, interesting. How about this breakfast? Is it vegan?

Don’t be stupid, of course it’s not vegan.
Yeah, as vegan as it gets!
Yes, definitely vegan.
Yes, eggs are not an animal.

Q 3. Moving on… Can you fill in the gaps of this quote from founder of veganism, Donald Watson: “We can see quite plainly that our present civilization is built on the exploitation of _____, just as past civilizations were built on the exploitation of slaves…”

Options :-

Q 4. There are now plenty of notable vegans who serve as inspiration to others. Who wouldn’t we put in this category?

Options :-
Ellen Degeneres
Bryan Adams
Donald Trump

Q 5. Some countries are meat junkies, whilst others have a proud history of vegetarianism. Which of these is considered the lowest consumer of meat in the world by the United Nations?

Options :-
Sri Lanka

Q 6. Going vegan can be a confusing time for people. “You mean, I’m not allowed to eat THAT?” Which of these foods is off the list?

Options :-
Olive oil
Brazil nuts
Orange juice

Q 7. ‘Meat Is Murder’ is a popular slogan for the vegan movement. It was the title of the second album of which iconic rock group?

Options :-
The Smiths
The Killers

Q 8. Going vegan throws some interesting challenges into the mix when baking. Which of these makes a good egg replacement?

Options :-
Flaxseed meal
Vegan mayo

Q 9. Veganism now incorporates many movements. Which of these isn’t a legitimate vegan movement?

Options :-
Feminist veganism
Non-committal veganism
Environmental veganism
Ethical veganism

Q 10. World Vegan Day is a big celebration. No doubt you went chickpea crazy at the last one. But when is this annual affair?

Options :-
January 1st
October 1st
December 1st
November 1st

Q 11. ‘Fake meat’ is almost as big as ‘fake news’ . Can you tell what meat this vegan meal is meant to be imitating?

Options :-

Q 12. Soy beans are a vital ingredient for vegans. But which of these products does not contain soy beans?

Options :-
Soy milk
Soy sauce

Q 13. Veganism can be a headache for drinkers, as some beverages are made with egg whites or gelatin. Which of these drinks would you definitely have to pass up on as a vegan?

Options :-
Orange juice
Soy milk
Almond Milk

Q 14. Here’s a cracking vegan start to the day. What would you call it?

Options :-
Tofu hollandaise
Tofu Benedict
Tofu scramble

Q 15. If you’re vegan, you might be familiar with a joke or two at your expense. Can you choose the correct punchline? ‘How do you know if someone is vegan?’

Options :-
They’ll insist that you eat your greens
Don’t worry, they’ll tell you
They will smell of rotten radishes
It’s the look in the eye

Q 16. This little number is making the rounds in vegan circles at the moment. What’s its name?

Options :-

Q 17. Remember earlier we asked you which country eats the least amount of meat. But how about the most?

Options :-

Q 18. Lisa Simpson is a committed vegetarian, until she meets a so-called ‘level 5 vegan’. This means ______.

Options :-
They only eat plants that have died of natural causes
They won’t eat anything that casts a shadow
They weep before they eat plants
They won’t keep animals as pets

Q 19. British comedian Simon Amstell recently made a hilarious yet thought provoking mockumentary, set in a vegan future looking back at a carnivorous past. Do you know what it is called?

Options :-

Q 20. Let’s finish with a stand out quote from a notable vegan. Who said these wise words: “Why are vegans made fun of while the inhumane factory of farming process regards animals and the natural world merely as commodities to be exploited for profit?”

Options :-
Alicia Silverstone
Ariana Grande
Woody Harrelson
Ellen Page

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