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Q 1. Let’s start easy – who is the Victorian Era named after?

Option:- Victor Hugo Princess Victoria of Sweden Queen Victoria Victoria Beckham

Q 2. What did Victorian ladies have to wear all the time whilst in public?

Option:- Full-length sleeves A hat A pair of gloves A shawl

Q 3. Every good Victorian should have a HUGE family. How many kids did Queen Victoria have herself?

Option:- 2 6 8 9

Q 4. Do you know the name of the Victorian invention that causes the shape at the back of this dress?

Option:- Hoop skirt Crinoline Bustle Corset

Q 5. Which Victorian celebrity is this?

Option:- Ada Lovelace Florence Nightingale Marie Curie Emmeline Pankhurst

Q 6. The suffragettes came to the fore during the Victorian era. What were they fighting for?

Option:- The right to work The right to divorce The abolition of the monarchy The right to vote

Q 7. The death of which person prompted the wearing of black to become fashionable for 40 years?

Option:- Prince Albert Benjamin Disraeli William IV Charles Dickens

Q 8. Which of these was NOT invented during the Victorian era?

Option:- The radio Underground railways Photography Flushing toilets

Q 9. Which breakfast dish was introduced during the Victorian era which combined eggs, rice and haddock?

Option:- Kippers Cold pudding Kedgeree Tripe

Q 10. Which of these customs did Queen Victoria and Prince Albert NOT introduce to the UK?

Option:- White wedding dresses Christmas trees Tea with milk Engagement rings [adace-ad id=”22311″] [adace-ad id=”22312″]

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