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Q 1. What does it mean if someone is ‘out on the tear’?


  • Very busy
  • Getting lost
  • Out shopping
  • Out socialising

Q 2. What is the meaning of this phrase?


  • They were out with their mum
  • They were out with their friends
  • They were out with their dog
  • They were out with their girlfriend

Q 3. What does the word ‘craic’ mean?


  • Lively
  • Dance
  • Alcohol
  • Fun/gossip

Q 4. If you called someone a ‘chancer’, what would you be referring to them as?


  • A joker
  • Someone who knows a lot
  • Someone who is charming
  • Someone who takes a risk

Q 5. What is the meaning of this phrase?


  • Extremely stupid
  • Failing at something
  • Missing out
  • Doing well

Q 6. What would someone mean by saying this?


  • I was so warm
  • I was so tired
  • I was so happy
  • I was embarrassed

Q 7. Why would someone say this phrase?


  • They love dairy products
  • They would eat anything
  • They are always eating
  • They’re very hungry

Q 8. If someone says ‘I’ll burst you’, what do they mean?


  • That they’ll ask you out
  • That they’ll make you laugh
  • That they’ll pay for you
  • That they’ll fight you

Q 9. What is the meaning of this phrase?


  • He was very confused
  • He was extremely angry
  • He forgot his house keys
  • He was extremely drunk

Q 10. ‘She can do it as a nixer for you!’ What is a ‘nixer’?


  • Unpaid employee
  • An intern
  • Job done unprofessionally
  • Job done for cash to avoid tax

Q 11. What does this phrase mean?


  • I’m unhappy
  • I’m lucky
  • I’m rich
  • I’m fine

Q 12. What does this word mean?


  • A miser
  • A boyfriend
  • A rascal
  • An idiot

Q 13. What are ‘the jacks’?


  • The bus-stop
  • The church
  • The countryside
  • The toilets

Q 14. What does this mean?


  • That’s beautiful
  • That’s unlucky
  • That’s terrible
  • That’s great

Q 15. Do you know what this phrase means?


  • Keeping quiet
  • Hanging around too much
  • Being unkind
  • Fooling around

Q 16. What does this word mean in Dublin slang?


  • A hard-worker
  • A manipulative person
  • A handsome man
  • A child

Q 17. What does this word mean?


  • Awesome
  • Cool
  • Easy
  • Broken

Q 18. What is the meaning of this word?


  • Someone from abroad
  • Someone who can’t be trusted
  • Someone who always gets in trouble
  • Someone from rural Ireland

Q 19. What does this phrase mean in Ireland?


  • Is it working well?
  • Does she look good?
  • How is she feeling?
  • How are things?

Q 20. What does it mean if someone is going to get ‘the messages’?


  • They’re going to listen to their answer machine
  • They’re going to read their emails
  • They’re going to pick up the post
  • They’re going to get the shopping

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