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Q 1. Out here in the wilds of the west lies a bank. To make off with its gold, you’ll have to remember these facts: 2 guards swap their shifts at 12:15 & 6:25, you’re 13 miles from the nearest town, and you need 7 minutes to break the safe’s lock.


Q 2. You need to be sharp for the road ahead! How far is the nearest town and how much time do you need to break into the safe respectively?

15 miles & 15 minutes
13 miles & 7 minutes
10 miles & 8 minutes
20 miles & 5 minutes

Q 3. Now that you’re prepared, it’s time to make your entrance. With the bank’s manager working late, it would make sense to enter under the cover of darkness. When do the guards swap their shifts?


Q 4. You’re inside with only a small window of time. In order to convince the bank manager to open the safe, you need to answer this riddle: What is a young version of the animal below called?

A bull
A stag
A doe
A fawn

Q 5. Blast! The manager’s trembling too much and can’t put the code in. Solve this riddle to find it: The first number is 32 x 3 and the second is 9 x 9. What is the combination?

96 and 81
72 and 78
95 and 81
69 and 80

Q 6. You’ve been sold out! The sheriff and his men have the place surrounded. You spot a world map on the floor, but there’s a mistake in it somewhere. Locate the mistake and you’ll apparently be able to enter a secret passage beneath the bank!

Bottom left
Bottom right
Top left
Top right

Q 7. Success – you’re in the tunnel! You follow it further into darkness until you come to a dead end. You can see light streaming in from above. If the entire operation has taken you 30 minutes so far, what time is it?


Q 8. You break out into the desert. A peculiar sound startles you…it’s a rattlesnake! Before you know it, you feel pain shooting up your arm. Quick! What’s the best course of action to take after a snake bite?

Put something cold on it fast!
Suck out the poison!
Keep the wound below your heart and still!

Q 9. Watch the video below to uncover the question you need to answer in order to survive and move forward!


Q 10. To see if you make it to the nearest town, find the answer to the riddle below in the jumbled options!

ruyo thbaer
yuro tspa
oyru emti
uyro anme
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