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The Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Quiz 2 Answers from Offer 100% correct answers. Complete your quiz offer with 100% accuracy and get credited.

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Q 1. Which of these developers is behind the creation of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive?

Option:- Valve Corporation Ubisoft Take-Two Interactive Rockstar Games

Q 2. The two teams in Counter-Strike are known as the Terrorists and the Counter-Terrorists. True or false?

Option:- False True

Q 3. What is the name of the battle-royale mode that was introduced into CS:GO in 2018?

Option:- Realm Royale Danger Zone Ring of Elysium Knives Out

Q 4. Which of these is NOT a map in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive?

Option:- Emerald Vertigo Dust II Inferno

Q 5. There’s only one game mode that stars with the letter ‘e’ in CS:GO. Which of the options below is it?

Option:- Endgame Escalate Engage Escape

Q 6. How much money do you lose for cutting short the life of a hostage in CS:GO?

Option:- $850 $1000 $900 $950

Q 7. Which of these is the name of a community-made spinoff title to Counter-Strike?

Option:- Jailbreak Source Widelands Neo

Q 8. Where does the Arctic Avengers faction hail from?

Option:- Norway Iceland Antarctica Sweden

Q 9. In 2007, in-game advertisements – much-maligned by the community – were added into CS:GO. How many minutes of playtime is it estimated these advertisements will enjoy per month?

Option:- Two million Five million Seven billion Five billion

Q 10. There is a cut Terrorist group in CS:GO called the Intifada. Arrange these real-life intifadas in the correct chronological order, oldest to most recent.

Option:- French Intifada, Egyptian Intifada, March Intifada, First Sahrawi Intifada First Sahrawi Intifada, French Intifada, March Intifada, Egyptian Intifada First Sahrawi Intifada, French Intifada, Egyptian Intifada, March Intifada March Intifada, First Sahrawi Intifada, French Intifada, Egyptian Intifada [adace-ad id=”22311″] [adace-ad id=”22312″]

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