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Q 1. First up, what is the conspiracy theory that proposed the earth is, in fact, flat known as?

Sputnik theory
Pancake theory
Cube theory
Flat-earth theory

Q 2. Now onto a big one! What do theorists point to when discussing evidence that the moon landings were faked?

Flight is impossible
There is no footage of it
Flags don’t flutter in a vacuum
The moon is made of cheese, duh!

Q 3. Speaking of the moon landing, theorists point to a character in a Stanley Kubrick film wearing an Apollo 11 sweater as ‘proof’ he was involved in the fakery. Which film is it?

The Shining
Eyes Wide Shut
Full Metal Jacket

Q 4. This hand gesture is a familiar sign to theorists interested in ‘The Illuminati.’ To which politician does it belong to?

Jacinda Arden
Yanis Varoufakis
Jeremy Corbyn
Angela Merkel

Q 5. Speaking of the ‘Illuminati’, which couple are often cited by theorists as their current ‘King and Queen’?

Barbie & Ken
Bert & Ernie
Tom Hanks & Rita Wilson
Beyoncé & Jay Z

Q 6. A popular conspiracy theory stipulates that Tupac is still alive and fled to another country. Where did he supposedly go?


Q 7. A more recent conspiracy theory became known as ‘Pizzagate’ and included Hillary Clinton among its targets. What was the name of the restaurant involved?

Girl & The Goat
Comet Ping Pong
Prince Street Pizza

Q 8. This pop star has supposedly been replaced with a clone! According to the conspiracy theory, what is the name of the girl who replaced her?

Melissa Vandella
Pixie Geldof
Zeena LaVey
Vanessa Vanjie Mateo

Q 9. David Icke is known for his in-depth conspiracy theories. But who did he describe as “seriously reptilian”?

Princess Eugenie
The Queen Mother
The Queen
The Duchess of Cornwall

Q 10. And finally, according to Icke, the elites are ruled by a shape-shifting reptilian master-race, naturally. Can you choose their supposed ancestors from these scrambled answers?

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