Guess the movie from the emojis! Answers

Gimmemore – Guess the movie from the emojis!

Guess the movie from the emojis! Answers from Offer 100% correct answers. Complete your quiz offer with 100% accuracy and get credited.

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Q 1. Let’s start with a simple one. Which underwater, animated classic is this?

Option:- Little Mermaid Pirates of the Caribbean Water Boy Finding Nemo

Q 2. Which iconic Disney classic is being portrayed here?

Option:- Beauty and the Beast Monsters Inc. Cars Lion King

Q 3. This movie terrified the masses, but can you remember what it was called?

Option:- Master and Commander Black Sea Manchester by the Sea Jaws

Q 4. Which classic movie is depicted here?

Option:- Footloose Pitch Perfect My Girl Singing in the rain

Q 5. Which film are these emojis depicting here?

Option:- Indiana Jones Harry Potter: The Chamber of Secrets Snow White Snakes on a plane

Q 6. Which film title does this bizarre emoji trio make up?

Option:- Little shop of horrors Nightmare on Elm Street Beauty Shop Devil Wears Prada

Q 7. This film made over $600 million worldwide, but can you guess what it is?

Option:- Two Brothers The Tigger Movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Life of Pi

Q 8. This film was the most expensive film ever made at the time. Can you figure out what it is?

Option:- Jungle Book Chocolat The Avengers Titanic

Q 9. Which classic rom-com is this emoji referring to?

Option:- Bridget Jones’ Diary He’s just not that in to you Sleepless in Seattle You’ve got mail

Q 10. Full of great quotes, but can you recognize the film from these emojis?

Option:- Charlie and the Chocolate Factory The Lobster Chocolat Forest gump

Q 11. Let’s make them a little trickier now. Which film are these emojis conveying?

Option:- Stardust Mission Impossible Pirates of the Caribbean Star Wars

Q 12. Can you guess the name of this movie?

Option:- Lord of the Rings Harry Potter Fight Club Hunger Games

Q 13. So many emojis to use! Which film is this?

Option:- Animal House Ferdinand Anger Management Raging Bull

Q 14. Let’s make them a little more obscure. Which movie is this?

Option:- The Emoji Movie Pearl Harbor To Kill a Mockingbird One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

Q 15. What movie are these emojis depicting?

Option:- The Green Mile American History X Bad Boys The Shawshank Redemption

Q 16. Can you recognize this Blockbuster hit from the emoji?

Option:- He’s just not that in to you The Mummy’s Hand The Cloverfield paradox Gladiator

Q 17. How about this one? What film is being represented here?

Option:- Dirty Dancing The Bucket List Grease 500 Days of Summer

Q 18. Here’s a really tricky one. What film do you think these emojis are representing?

Option:- A Streetcar Named Desire Mad Max Christine Inception

Q 19. Nearly there! Can you identify this movie?

Option:- The Parent Trap Chainsaw Massacre It Takes Two The Shining

Q 20. Finally! Which movie are these emojis depicting?

Option:- Cold Mountain Fail Safe The Day After Tomorrow Doctor Zhivago [adace-ad id=”22311″]     [adace-ad id=”22312″]

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