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Valentine’s Day Quiz 3

Quiz Answers Are Given Below The Post :-

Q 1. Let’s start with the basics. It’s a scorching hot day and there is a heatwave in your town. Which of the following should you NOT do during a heatwave?

Eat large protein-filled meals
Drink water
Stay indoors
Q 2. Okay so you've managed to survive the heatwave. But there is something else brewing… Yes, it’s possible that a tornado follows a heatwave. There is no time to evacuate. Which of these things should you do?

Go into the cellar
Climb up to the attic
Sit in your car
Go about your day as if nothing is wrong

Q 3. You are doing well, but suddenly you hear a siren (also known as an air-raid or tornado siren) Try not to panic! Tornadoes can last from several seconds to more than an hour. However, most tornadoes last less than _______ .

8 minutes
2 minutes
10 minutes
5 minutes

Q 4. Phew that was close! You are okay and your house is not badly damaged. However, the town is flooding… Which of these statements is NOT true when it comes to floods?

Only a small amount of water can knock you down
One foot of moving water can take your vehicle away
You should stay on higher ground in case of flood
The only way to survive a flood is to swim through it and find safety

Q 5. Your survival skills SCORE will be determined by your ability to think on your feet! Your neighbour has just told you that everyone needs to evacuate. Which of the following should you do?

All of these things
Turn off electricity and gas at the mains
Collect your important belongings and documents
Block toilets, household drains, sinks and plugs to stop sewerage backflow

Q 6. Your survival skills are pretty good so far. But still be aware. You might have heard that floods can increase the spread of waterborne diseases such as:

Hepatitis A
Typhoid fever
All of these diseases

Q 7. You’ve managed to get out of the flood zone. Your survival techniques are tops! You receive a phone call from a friend who is currently in South America. There has been a terrible earthquake! What piece of advice do you give them in case there is another one?

Go into a building
Go out into the open
Get into your car and drive
Go inside a shop

Q 8. You’re really working your way through some tough situations and you’re getting closer to finding out your survival skills SCORE! Don’t give up now. Tell us if you by any chance know what is used to measure an earthquake?

A Shock Scale
A Richter Scale
An Earthquake Code
A Compression Companion

Q 9. It turns out that it was just a small earthquake and your friend is safe! Which of these statements is NOT true when it comes to earthquakes?

Most earthquakes occur along the edge of the oceanic and continental plates
California will eventually fall into the ocean due to earthquake
80% of earthquakes happen around the Pacific Ocean
Earthquakes can occur near the surface or deep below the surface

Q 10. It’s been a big week! You want to get some rest so you catch a plane to a tropical resort. You are just about to bite into a delicious fish burger when you realize that people are running away from the beach. Someone screams ‘TSUNAMI!’ What should you do?

Go inside the burger bar
Try and reach higher ground
Get into your rent-a-car and wait
Run to the nearest building

Q 11. You really are a survivor! Or an action hero? You’ll find out soon enough when we add up your survival-skills score! Which of these movies is not about a natural disaster?

The Impossible
Dante’s Peak

Q 12. You survived the tsunami but unfortunately your hotel has been severely damaged. You can’t go back there, so you hitch a ride with a local who takes you to the camping grounds in the forest. He gives you a tent and a ranger offers you some supplies for the days ahead. Which of these bundles do you take?

Matches, knife, food & water, medical kit
Camping chair, food & water, socks, insect repellent
Matches, food & water, medical kit, portable TV
Insect repellent, food & water, books, socks

Q 13. A fellow camper wants to trade you some food for paracetamol tablets. You want something to keep you going. Which of these has the highest energy?

100g red lentils
100g dried banana chips
100g of macadamia nuts
100g instant potatoes

Q 14. You’re really close to finding out if you actually would be able to survive a disaster! But oh no, you’re running out of drinking water. Which of the following methods is not recommended for purifying untreated water?

Freeze the water completely, then melt it to drink
Use charcoal or ceramic filtration pumps
Boil for at least 1 minute, then cool to drink
Mix 8 drops of household bleach per gallon

Q 15. You’ve made it through the last 3 days of camping! You really need a shower, so you join a bunch of fellow campers who are on their way to a Bed and Breakfast for some rest. You lay down on the soft bed and suddenly hear the storm. Which of these should you not do DURING a storm?

Be prepared for power outages
Use electrical devices plugged into a wall outlet
Shelter away from drains, gutters, creeks and water
Stay indoors and away from windows

Q 16. You’ve been through so much already and we’ll shortly tell you what your chances are of having survived some catastrophes. So let’s prep! If you are storing food in case of disaster, you should know which one of these lasts the longest.

White rice
Dried corn

Q 17. Pretty soon you’re going to find out how good your survival skills are! But when it comes to food storage, which of the following statements is wrong?

Do not eat potatoes that are turning green
Keep food in covered containers
It is 100% safe to eat bread with some mold on it as long as you remove the moldy parts
Do not eat food from swollen, dented or damaged cans

Q 18. Please don’t eat the pasta that is way past its expiration date! To stay on the safe side, do you know what is the shelf life of dry pasta after exceeding its use-by date?

1 to 2 years
6 months
3+ years
2 to 3 years

Q 19. Oh wow, you’re still standing! Here is a question that everyone wants to know! Tropical storms and hurricanes are the only kinds of storms that get a name. Do you know why?

To make them sound less threatening
To cause more stir in the media
Because they need names for reporting on the news
Because it helps with forecasting, tracking and reporting

Q 20. There has been some pretty MEAN hurricanes over time! Which one of these is not an actual Hurricane?

Hurricane Carla
Hurricane Gilbert
Hurricane Danny
Hurricane Coal

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