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Friday, 5 January 2018

Level 0 - Verify Whether The Person Still Works At The Given Company At Given Position/Title Using Linkedin? - Linkedin Login Required

This is one of the most easy tasks in the Crowdflower jobs. It is great for newbies with no badge. There is 12 questions per task and you have to be correct on at least 9 of them to qualify for the tasks. Earnings pretty low (0.75 cent via Neobux) But it is great for its easiness. You can easily get 100% accuracy by working here. So both people with no badge and low accuracy can profit from it.

***First thing you have to do is sign-in on Linkedin. If you have no Linkedin id than just sign up using Facebook on Linkedin.

In this task you just have to confirm if the latest employment detail matches. You have 4 option:-

  1. Same company, Same title
  2. Same company, New title
  3. New Company
  4. Page blank

I am not going to explain much because the instruction is very clear. but their are some tips

Tip 1: Some times in the experience section in the 2nd or 3rd section it has the a "Same company, Same title" match and Date is set to "MM YYYY --- Present". So you must be careful about this. It is considered for same company, same title option.
Tip 2: If after pressing button it gives "Profile Not Available" dialogue then It goes to the page blank category (Option No. 4)

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  1. hey dear kindly tell me how i can complete 0 level from task those are finding release date i dont understand it plz tell me thanks? this is my email