Monday, 15 January 2018

Easy Picture Quiz

Quiz Answers Are Given Below The Post :-

Q 1. If you don’t know this, then you are, quite frankly, an ignoramous rex. This picture relates to ______.

Jurassic Park
The Jungle Book

Q 2. Hollywood starlet Audrey Hepburn is still revered for her iconic looks. But from which film is this still taken?

My Fair Lady
Breakfast at Tiffany’s
How to Steal A Million
Roman Holiday

Q 3. This sleepy rural setting becomes a hive of activity when a certain wizard shows up. In which of these high fantasy movie’s would you see it?

Lord of the Rings – The Fellowship of the Ring
The Chronicles of Narnia
The Sword and the Stone
His Dark Materials

Q 4. Ooops! School started with a bang this particular year at Hogwarts. But in which film did this happen?

Harry Potter & The Philosophers Stone
Harry Potter & The Goblet of Fire
Harry Potter & The Chamber of Secrets
Harry Potter & The Prisoner of Azkaban

Q 5. A prestigious building indeed. But in which of these superhero films would you find it?

The Dark Night
The Avengers
X-Men: The Last Stand
Justice League

Q 6. Burn baby burn! Which Christopher Lee film reaches its pinnacle with a scene like this?

The Wooden Man
The Wicker Man
The Green Man
The Man With The Golden Gun

Q 7. A popular spot for a night of revelry in Tokyo’s Minato district, but this Japanese izakaya restaurant also served as inspiration for a key setting in which film?

The Fast & The Furious: Tokyo Drift
Kill Bill Volume 1
Lost in Translation

Q 8. Now over to another city with a dominant skyline. In which film do these iconic towers serve as the setting for a dramatic action scene?

The Bourne Identity
True Lies
Rush Hour 2

Q 9. This building served as the stage for one of the most iconic moments in Hollywood history. In which of these films did it feature?

The Terminator

Q 10. This dramatic scenery formed the epic setting for the final scenes in which movie?

Dances With Wolves
The Last of the Mohicans
Birth of a Nation

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