Friday, 15 December 2017

Easy Quiz General Knowledge

Quiz Answers Are Given Below The Post :-

Q 1. Remember when a certain pop princess hit headlines for shaving her head and doing bad things with an umbrella? Fill in the quote that corresponds to that time: “If _____ can survive 2007, you can make it through today.”

Barbra Streisand
Christina Aguilera
Britney Spears
Lil Kim

Q 2. Praise the lord our girl survived! But what about this pop-prince turned teenage rebel, Mr. Justin Bieber. What did HE get arrested for?

Drag Racing
Selling Cigarettes
Shouting Baby Baby Baby Oh at the police

Q 3. An artistic depiction of one of Iceland’s finest musical exports, Bjork. But she landed in hot water in 1996 for doing what?

Performing in the nude
Attacking a journalist
Cancelling all her gigs
Eloping with a drug lord

Q 4. You’ll no doubt recognize this world famous diva. But about which alleged rival did she shadily say, “I don’t know her,” prompting a viral response in the form of memes?


Nicki Minaj
Lindsey Lohan
Tina Turner
Jennifer Lopez

Q 5. This pop star has had a complicated relationship with religion and spirituality. In which video did she pose with burning crucifixes?

Like a Virgin
Like a Prayer
Material Girl

Q 6. Kanye West has said some pretty candid stuff in his time. Which of these isn’t one of them?

I’m a creative genius and there’s no other way to word it.
I am so credible and influential and so relevant that I will change things.
In a gentle way, you can shake the world.
My greatest pain in life is that I will never be able to see myself perform live.

Q 7. OK, this guy might be pretty clean cut, but which singer was arrested after she “walked out in the middle of the street, threw off her shoes and purse and screamed ‘Obama! Obama’!”?

Avril Lavigne
Courtney Love
Annie Lenox
Beth Ditto

Q 8. We all know Lindsey Lohan has had a few run ins with the law, but which of these wasn’t one of her arrests?


Driving Under Influence
Grand theft of a diamond necklace
Video piracy
Third degree assault

Q 9. The Osbournes are famous for their bad behaviour and sharp tongues, as well as biting the heads off bats in Ozzy’s case. Which of these quotes was said by Ozzy and not Sharon?

“Nobody is everything to everybody. I didn’t like Mother Teresa.”
“Being sober on a bus is, like, totally different than being drunk on a bus.”
“If anybody says their facelift doesn’t hurt, they’re lying. It was like I’d spent the night with an axe murderer”
“Have you seen U2’s live show? It’s boring as hell. It’s like watching CNN.”

Q 10. Ricky Gervais uses his position as Golden Globes host to slay his fellow celebrities. But which of these did he not say at the event?

“Looking at all the wonderful faces here today reminds me of the great work that’s been done this year – by cosmetic surgeons.”
“It seems like everything this year was three-dimensional, except the characters in The Tourist.”
“I like a drink as much as the next man. Unless the next man is Mel Gibson.”
“I agree with Justin Bieber. Anne Frank would’ve loved his stuff. It’s perfect for being played really really quietly so no one can hear it.”

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