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Friday, 15 December 2017

Offer Tutorial

Can’t Complete Offers On PTC/GPT Sites?

I will share a lot of new offer tutorial every day. Just follow them to successfully complete offers.

Just Click Here To Check The Offer Tutorials

Tip1: When completing quiz based Offers, If you cant find the quiz use search tool with the first question.

Tip2: When Completing Downloading app based offers Simply download from the link given using your mobile device. If asked for a specified task make sure you complete that task and Get the bonus of that achievement in the app. If the offer is not paid in 30 minutes simply take some screenshots of the app. Make sure the clock time is showing. If asked for a specified task like reaching lvl3, Take screenshot of the app in such a way that it verifies the task is completed.

Can’t Get past the “Click Here To See Answers” link?
Follow This Steps

1.  After clicking the Green ‘Click Here To See Answers’ button you will get to a page like below. To get past it solve the captcha. Then click on the Blue area titled ‘Click here to continue’.

2. Then you will see an timer. Wait for it to reach 0.

3. After the timer reaches 0 you will see ‘Please wait’ button has turned to ‘Get Link’ button. Click on this button to reach your destination.

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